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Our Website Designers in Nottingham are constantly being rewarded with client satisfaction for the websites they design. At Hello Online we can build the website of your dreams. Using industry-leading techniques we can ensure that a well designed, modern, easy to maintain, user-friendly and stable website is what we produce every time!

When our team of Nottingham website designers start on your project they spend time discovering your business goals and requirements, reviewing your competitors and deciding what can be done to make your website better than the rest.

Once we’ve built a plan for the website design we will then propose this to you. Your feedback is very important at this stage – Feel free to ask any questions no matter how silly you might think they are! Our Nottingham web design team have heard them all before.

E-Commerce Websites

More and more customers shop online each year which has made online shops a near necessity. We have eCommerce specialists ready to help you – talk to us today about how we can help your businesses make the most of this online boom!

Responsive Web Design

It isn’t good enough for a website to work on just a computer nowadays. It must work for people on mobiles and tablets too. Our Nottingham Web Design specialists can ensure your websites looks stunning and functions perfectly across all devices.

UX Design (User Experience)

Many people are put off websites because they find them difficult to use and navigate around. We put user experience at the forefront when designing our websites, so that your customers will love using them as much as we love designing them!

Web Design for businesses in Nottingham

Website Redesign & Development for Sadgates To You

Sadlergates To You are a catering company based in Hucknall, Nottingham. They approached us for a redesign and development of their current website. The vision: to create a website which was visually pleasing, easier to navigate & order and to save valuable time for the office staff.

Before the web design project, Sadlergates’ online ordering system was very complicated and even had no images of food! A lot of customers emailed orders, which meant time spent manually entering these. Invoices also had to be entered manually into their accounting software – this task alone took 5 hours per week!

We started to plan the layout and look and feel of the new website based on what they wanted and the really liked where the new website design was going. Our web developers in Nottingham started creating a solution and created a 3 click method to complete and sync orders in bulk with their accounting software.

We spent a day with Sadlergates taking product photographs in their Nottingham branch. Photos were taken for every food item that they sell (before we tucked in – and it didn’t disappoint!)

We launched the new website over a weekend (when they receive fewest orders) with less than 20 minutes downtime.

Since Sadlergates To You (a Nottingham based catering company) had the redesign, they’ve had great feedback! Also, with the help of our SEO Nottingham service they’ve also seen an all-time high in traffic. Administrative tasks have been reduced by about 7 hours a week and brand new customers are ordering without any communication at all!

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Our Web Design service can create a website to help

We offer a range of different services when it comes to Web Design. We can create a website targeting anywhere from Nottingham to global. We’ve got you covered.

Sell A Service

From logistics companies to window cleaners, we’ve designed and built websites for all types of service providers.

Provide Information

Do you need a website to only provide your information? Maybe you want to write a blog? We can help!

Sell A Product

We have designed many eCommerce websites that function flawlessly and sell products like there’s no tomorrow!

What makes a good Web Design strategy

We hold the recipe to a successful Website Build

Web Design is complex but we are here to help. Even Web Design Agencies can get things wrong! Our Web Design Nottingham team have put together and always follow 6 steps to ensure that every website design and build is a success.


Understanding your industry and the customer is vital for a successful campaign. We do our research properly.


Creating a basic layout of the web pages to show what elements will exist on the website, and where, means the rest of the development can go smoothly.


The final preparation for the pre-development stage to ensure all elements will work properly together and website design follows your vision.


We will keep you informed on our speedy progress as we build the website. Most websites can be completed within 4-6 weeks if no iterations are required.

Review & Testing

We won’t launch the website until you’re happy with the design and functionality! We know you’ll be impressed by this stage and any finishing touches will be applied.


After our Nottingham Web Design team have completed your website, it’s been tested and you’re happy with it then its time to launch your fantastic newly designed website to the world!