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To make the most out of your website and content, incorporating CTA’s into your content can bring more traffic and conversions. CTA’s let your audience know what to do next, and without them, your website visitors won’t know what to do next. By eliminating confusion for your visitors, your website performance will sky-rocket. Guiding the

Beginners Guide to SEO

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO comprises all activities aimed at driving quality traffic to a website through organic search engine listings. Quality traffic means visitors who are highly relevant to your business, who have a higher chance of consuming or buying products and content. How SEO works, put simply To

Who needs SEO?

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is used to increase both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through free search engine results. This is known as an organic search. This is an unpaid way to provide exposure to your brand and website through search engine results.
Introduction to SEO and Investing in SEO What is the primary way that you search for something online? Search engines, right? Millions of websites are launched every day, but only a small percentage of these achieve their set goals of being found and bringing in traffic. If your site is not being found by users
Introduction Thinking about starting up your own website? If so, you may be plagued by the question as to whether you choose a DIY builder or a web designer. Both of these options are viable for your first site. But in this guide, we will explain what we, personally, think is the correct choice for
Introduction Last year, 2020, was something that no one would like to reminisce about. It was the year that the planet stood still. But going into 2021, we are starting to repair and are starting to develop new trends that we can use for websites. In this guide, we will list 10 of the most
What makes a good website? A good website will have clear content and navigation and will be accessible from all devices and platforms. Visiting your site should be a pleasant and easy experience, without clutter. Your visitors should be able to find all of the content they are looking for with ease and without distress.
What is responsive web design? Have you ever been to a website in which the text or images are cut in half? If so, chances are, the site you visited was not optimised for the device you was using. This is most commonly found in mobile phones. A large majority of websites do not optimise