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  Whether you’re just starting as a small business or have been plodding on for a while, one thing’s for sure in this day and age, and that is the need for an online presence. The reason for this is simple enough. Today, the majority of consumers use the internet to shop and acquire services,
Image:   You probably know by now that having a website is non-negotiable for any business. The question is whether you’re using yours to optimally benefit your business. Websites are for much more than simply displaying your information when someone happens to land on one of your pages. The true motivation behind those pages
what is blogging
Do you want to turn your blogging hobby into an income earner on the side of your business? Take your blog to the next level! Getting your blog online and mainstream is the first step to becoming in a position to make money from your blog. Here are the most current tools businesses are using
digital marketing checklist
This is your Digital Marketing GAME CHANGER Here are some of the best strategies and start up ideas from Hello Online Using digital media to strengthen your brand is the best marketing strategy for any business in 2019. Present your outlook for your business to an audience with a similar stance and perspective will allow
why should I use wordpress
Benefits of a self hosted platform WordPress is currently the largest blogging and website-building platform in the world. WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform and you can now use it to manage your whole website easily, not just your blog! Read why WordPress has become the most popular content management system and used