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Make money from blogging in 7 simple steps

Do you want to turn your blogging hobby into an income earner on the side of your business? Take your blog to the next level!

Getting your blog online and mainstream is the first step to becoming in a position to make money from your blog. Here are the most current tools businesses are using online right now.

Place advertisements on your website/blog.

A popular way to earn money via your blog is by adding adverts onto your site. CPC (cost per click/pay per click) adverts are signposts or banners that appear in the sidebar of your pages, or you can add them part way through your content, depending on the layout of your blog.

Every time someone visits your blog and clicks on an advert that catches their eye, you receive payment for that click, it’s that simple!

Sell memberships

Using digital media to strengthen your brand is the best marketing strategy for any business in 2019. Present your outlook for your business to an audience with a similar stance and perspective will allow you to communicate and sell effectively.

You can create and sell memberships for unique elements of your site, that are tailored to your business niche and what services you can provide for your readers.

Create a membership that is desirable and will benefit a paying customer. If it is successful, they are likely to recommend your blog to others and help your audience grow.

Tip! Try selling a membership to an online forum, where clients can discuss and support each other using their shared interest.

Sell digital products

Use SEO (search engine optimisation) so you are easily discovered when searched on top search engines. Consult with a professional SEO specialist who will analyse your online visibility.

Not all business and blogs are about selling a physical product or creating a marketplace of items. If your blog is based on a genre you have a lot or knowledge and wisdom in, consider selling eBooks or online courses!

Keep your content practical and relevant for the readers of your blog. Do some research first, look at other blogs and services to see what is already being offered in your niche expertise.

Sell private adverts

When your blog becomes well established, has a large following, and is generating enough traffic, companies may come to you direct and ask you to advertise for them.

This means you can skip using the advertising network and set your own rates! Either charge a one-time fee or make is a regular slot with a monthly charge.

Tip! If you are unsure if your blog has a large enough following, contact advertisers yourself!

Include affiliate links

What is affiliate marketing? This is where a seller will pay you commission for every product that they sell, when the buyer has found them via your blog and recommendation.

Again, this works best when you target sellers and products that are relevant to your audience and blog, making the percentage you receive from purchases more sizeable.

Tip! Add an affiliate link for the product over all your social media platforms too.

Market your business

Use your blog to entice and engage readers, which will then drive them over to your business website, where they are more likely to purchase products and services.

Create quality content that people want to read and makes them intrigued at what you will post next!

Gain recognition and acquire loyal customers who will go back and forth between your blog and main website, depending on their free time or preference in layout at that given moment.

Sponsored social media posts

The aim of sponsored content is to generate leads and increase conversations by posting interesting and entertaining content on social media such as Facebook or Instagram, which is usually posted by influencers and celebrities.

Your blog or business will probably have to be well established if you plan on asking someone high profile to discuss your products, but there are plenty of influencers and brand ambassadors who are just starting out, and we all need to start somewhere!

Why not be someone’s first gig!

Overall, finding and being persistent with your niche will help you to stand out amongst the crowd of distorted content. This will lay down a solid foundation for you to recognise what works best when trying to monetise your blog.

We’re here if you need a hand!

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