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10 reasons to build your new website using WordPress

Benefits of a self hosted platform

WordPress is currently the largest blogging and website-building platform in the world. WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging platform and you can now use it to manage your whole website easily, not just your blog!

Read why WordPress has become the most popular content management system and used by millions of businesses and influencers across the globe.


As long you have access to the internet, you are able to create and update your website at a time that suits you. Do you have spare time on the commute to the office? Simply log in on your Smart Phone and add the content that will keep your clients engaged and updated. Hello Online can create you a site that is simple to navigate because we know that your personal time is valuable.  


Creating a website with WordPress will give you professional looking styles and layouts without the hefty price tag. On average for WordPress to host your website it costs around £7 per month, and a unique domain name typically costs around £13 a year. This price guideline of course is subject to change depending on the type of package you opt to buy. Your personal agent at Hello Online will build a personalised plan to present to you, then with your feedback we can create the best site around your business needs.


Businesses used to have to create various websites for various technology. For example a website layout that worked effectively on a desktop computer, would not be suitable for the screen resolution of a mobile phone. Every web design on WordPress is responsive in nature or ‘one size fits all’ across all models of phones, tablets, and computers. This will save your business time, money, and be more flexible around your client’s needs.


Hello Online put user experience at the fore front of our web design. Adding features and functions to your website on other sophisticated platforms can be frustrating and time consuming, especially if your are a beginner to the world of web design. WordPress sites have Plug-Ins available and ready to install onto your website in just a few clicks, giving your site impressive attributes and character.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) gives you control over what areas of your website you want to rank high in search engines, which will attract a healthier target audience, leading to more clients. All websites built with WordPress are SEO compatible, and other WordPress users offer a wealth of advice on how to use this tool to your full advantage. Not sure if your content is up to scratch? Ask Hello Online to complete a free SEO health check on your website today!


If you syndicate your content, you are making it available for other WordPress users to republish it with the credit always coming back to you and your website. Syndicated content is legal unlike copywriting someone else’s blog or article without permission. It is an opportunity for you to get your content across to a wider audience without posting it around yourself.


WordPress security measures will help to protect your website against hackers and malware. Their software is secure and audited by hundreds of developers on a regular basis, and by default will automatically install minor updates. A good host like WordPress will take extra measures to protect their servers against common threats.


A WordPress website will give you polished integration with Social Media platforms, allowing you to swiftly change between networks and update your clients with fresh content. You can also leave clear Social Media buttons which will direct your clients straight to the appropriate page, meaning you can build up a social community and regular followers.


A fundamental area of business is online marketing, and a WordPress website gives you the advantage to post original content as frequent as you like. Similarly, you can then alter and tweak this content pronto, to keep up with your ever growing business. As new trends come in and out of fashion, or your content has potential to be updated, we can be on the ball to enhance the marketability of your website and services.


As a business there is a high chance there will be numerous people with access to your website, with the ability to add and adjust content and play around with the design. WordPress designing and development allows easy transitioning between employee’s with unique login details and permissions. Here at Hello Online, we have experienced professionals who you are able to trust with your WordPress site, with the confidence of knowing the welfare and security of your site is our priority.

Does WordPress seem like the website building system you have been looking for? Then let’s turn that vision you had for your small business into reality!

For further information on anything discussed, or if you have made any decisions about the website that Hello Online could develop for your business, please see below for the ways you can get in contact with a personal agent at Hello Online:

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